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"Out, je vous aime" and "je vous promets d'etre a vous." In a parallel scene in a nineteenth-century work, Nerval's Voyage en Orient, the narrator ungallantly teaches his newly acquired slave, Zaynab, to repeat the phrase "je suds une petite sauvage." In these scenes of sexual and colonial domination the colonized other, typically represented as female, is encouraged to repeat the words of the colonizer without having access to their meaning, and thus to any degree of power or control.
Especially after Coolio so ungallantly described 41-year-old Ulrika as middleaged.
After a "sudden promotion" put him to post-captain "in pretty good circumstances," he returned after twenty years to his sweetheart Jenny Barker, only to find her "so mortally changed, that I took her for her own mother!" Although she was amiable and worthy, "the disappointment came upon me so slap-dash, as one might say, for want of a little fore-thought, that I let out what passed in my mind with too little ceremony for making up again." Just so Wentworth, recently promoted to post-captain, returns secure in his wealth after eight years and remarks ungallantly that Anne is "'so altered he should not have known [her] again'" (60).
The dinner date at plush Rathsallagh in Co Kildare was somewhat ungallantly advertised on the website with a health warning - 'Bid at your own risk.
The Prince's former press secretary, Mark Bolland, has rather ungallantly labelled the Duchess the laziest aristo in Britain, doubtless against stiff opposition in the shires.
For the wedding, Rosa borrowed a pair of high-heeled shoes from another guest, and the couple started married life surrounded by people who, rather ungallantly I thought, refused to move from their sunbeds.
So he rings an unattached trainer, remarking ungallantly that `nobody knows where you live, can you help?' The miffed handler replies that as he's much further north than Milton Keynes `even your ruler can't put me in the south!'
But in his frankest interview ever, he added ungallantly: "I don't think we found each other physically attractive.
Something Kirsty Gallacher, whose sexual predilections he has ungallantly described for the delectation of the nation, must now regret.
Kyle retorted ungallantly: 'Don't do this here, Charlotte.'