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But I confess here that I felt relieved when I heard about Qadri, a primal, ungenerous relief.
Referring to the three million (registered and unregistered) Afghan refugees who still lived in Pakistan, she said that unfortunately, international assistance to these refugees and the response to UN appeals for resources to sustain them has been partial and ungenerous.
I closed my eyes for a while to try to get into the spirit of the thing; at one slightly embarrassing point, I actually bumped into someone on purpose after catching a sense of their presence just because it somehow seemed ungenerous of me not to.
It was an ungenerous interpretation not consistent with the honour and integrity of the Crown."
206) seem ungenerous given that, once established, the new government did what it could to restabilise the food situation, as demonstrated in David Marr, Vietnam: State, war, and revolution, 1945-1946 (2013).
However, I personally felt the weight of his displeasure on the ungenerous support the party is getting from the laity and the Catholic Church's hierarchy.
It appears that loyalty to a misguided and ungenerous leader was more important than doing the right thing.
MP Abdullah Masar blasted ties with Iran saying that the latter is "ungenerous" calling for limiting relations with it.
But then I felt that I was the "ungenerous" parent, so the following year I organised the teacher's and assistants' gift money collection myself.
Europeans perhaps thought they were receiving gifts from Native Americans, while the Native Americans believed they were bartering: this resulted in the Europeans finding Native American behavior ungenerous and insulting.
Say what you will about the Special One, but the man is quality and with both their biggest rivals in Manchester also going through a transitional period it might be a good idea to have a nibble on Chelsea to win the Premier League even at an ungenerous 5/2.
The Western offer to provide nuclear reactor fuel and aviation parts in exchange for Tehran shutting down its high-grade enrichment work was called 'ungenerous' by the International Crisis Group.