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It appears that loyalty to a misguided and ungenerous leader was more important than doing the right thing.
Say what you will about the Special One, but the man is quality and with both their biggest rivals in Manchester also going through a transitional period it might be a good idea to have a nibble on Chelsea to win the Premier League even at an ungenerous 5/2.
Emmons, so deeply concerned for wild species, has a cramped and extremely ungenerous sense of human community.
Experimentation is akin to heresy and offenders are often set right in the most ungenerous and unforgiving way.
my commendations of his acuity could seem so ungenerous.
Readers may think that this is extrapolating too much from the attire of a local leftist, but these are not the observations of an intentionally ungenerous mind.
All those ungenerous feelings - 'Why did she get it and not me?
Following his Hart Crane biopic "The Broken Tower," self-styled professional dabbler James Franco examines the tragically shortened life of another gay artist in his unealightening but not ungenerous portrait of Sal Mineo.
It would not be ungenerous to mention here that serious Kant scholarship would find very little of an authoritative nature in the way the British idealists of the mid-nineteenth century read Kant).
For example, Alan Swinbank's Line Of Duty, an ungenerous 33-1 shot for the Ebor, is engaged at Pontefract on Sunday.
Yet somehow it still seemed ungenerous, as though the management was trying to trick diners into eating less.