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Far from sparing him the troubling circumstances, in the very same letter she cannot help giving a detailed, physiological description of the bodily condition induced by her suffering: "I am agitated, my whole frame is convulsed, my lips tremble, as if shook by cold, though fire seems to be circulating in my veins." (18) After Wollstonecraft's unsuccessful attempt at drowning, her accusing voice cries out in the very act of promising silence: "lf I have any criterion to judge of right and wrong, I have been most ungenerously treated: but, wishing now only to hide myself, I shall be silent as the grave in which I long to forget myself." (19) The grave from where she speaks, however, never proves to be silent.
Before leaving Ireland, Kearney published two works of fiction which were ungenerously reviewed in some quarters, by people who questioned whether a novelist could also be a thinker.
Macdonald, himself a representative of British Columbia, took note of the role that many of his colleagues were playing: I wish to express my satisfaction at the fact that a people who have been treated so rigorously and ungenerously, who are unrepresented, and who have been hunted to the death, should have found representatives to stand up on the floor of this House and speak on their behalf.
Derrida's letter is reproduced here, ungenerously, as an appendix; Eisenman's short reply constitutes the first chapter of the book.
Indeed, one leaves this biography with a great deal more sympathy for Fanny than for Ellison, who was prone to treating her and other family members, fellow writers, and generous supporters rather ungenerously at times.
Some sections of the 1996 Act have been more ungenerously interpreted to reflect the government's aim to pressure the ICSS to convert into national secondary schools.
Instead, drawing on the language of liberal individualism, they insisted that they were stating a "self evident truth." Rather than asking for any "new right," they only wished "to declare and enforce those rights which they originally inherited, but which have ungenerously been withheld from them, rights which they as citizens of the state of New York may reasonably and rightfully claim." This petition, then, becomes the basis for Ginzberg's in-depth exploration of the social, political, and intellectual contexts that made it possible for the women to make such a radical claim.
What I am suggesting, admittedly rather ungenerously, is that when we confront a truly difficult challenge, one that American cultural programming is not well prepared to meet, we look for the "silver bullet," the big comprehensive solution.
Secondly, this is not about a one-off old people's Christmas party which you so ungenerously referred to.
For example, a person responding to a kind action of another person may feel guilt from acting ungenerously when he or she had the opportunity to repay the kind action with a generous response.
Westerbeck and Meyerowitz ungenerously reflect that '[h]er dead eye draws our compassion at the same time that the acquisitive gleam in her other eye, as it scans the street, makes us suspicious'.
She ungenerously speaks of her own first collection, very good on its own terms: "my first book was written completely in response to my contemporaries (not that i ever call or called them that), and especially my mentors.