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The young ladies arrived: their appearance was by no means ungenteel or unfashionable.
Well, it would serve to cure him of an absurd practice of never asking a question at an inn, which he had adopted, when quite a young man, on the principal of its being very ungenteel to be curious.
Who should follow us down the road from the coach, my dear, but a poor person in a very ungenteel bonnet--"
It seems an easier and shorter way to dignity, to observe that-- since there never was a true story which could not be told in parables, where you might put a monkey for a margrave, and vice versa-- whatever has been or is to be narrated by me about low people, may be ennobled by being considered a parable; so that if any bad habits and ugly consequences are brought into view, the reader may have the relief of regarding them as not more than figuratively ungenteel, and may feel himself virtually in company with persons of some style.
But as this might be considered ungenteel, I'll think of it.
He was not ungenteel, nor entirely devoid of wit, and in his youth had abounded in sprightliness, which, though he had lately put on a more serious character, he could, when he pleased, resume.
But we are not going to leave these two people long in such a low and ungenteel station of life.
I don't mean that there is anything ungenteel in that itself--far from it-- but I do mean that he doesn't do it well, and that he doesn't, if I may so express myself, get the money's-worth in the sort of dissipated reputation that attaches to him.
John Smauker, agonised at the exceeding ungenteel sound, 'will you take my arm?
Beetenson's letter bitterly attacked Henshaw for cruelty, inhumanity and ungenteel behaviour towards Evans.
With his collapse into infancy and disorder, the decidedly ungenteel speaker reveals his potent attraction to and anxiety concerning the site of the feminine, since associated by critics such as Julia Kristeva with the mother's abjecting relation to the child (1982, 65, 69).
ZOUCH a slovenly ungenteel man who stoops while walking