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Hoggart describes Orwell's style as "direct, active, cogent and epigrammatic," and observes that he "uses short and ungenteel words wherever possible and says 'bum' instead of 'behind' or 'belly' instead of 'stomach'" ("Introduction" 47).
ZOUCH a slovenly ungenteel man who stoops while walking
Noting that mid-century entertainment texts supplanted an earlier literature directed at children, chapter two examines the ways mid-century accounts of games such as Blind Man's Bluff position the figure of the child at "the reflective center of popular entertainments" (51): for middling participants, "childishness was attractive both because of its licensing of ungenteel behaviors and because of its promise of future development" (50).
My friends, in spite of my precedent, could not muster up courage enough to do an ungenteel thing; and, if Mr.
was in general a very ungenteel one, and there was hardly a pretty girl in the room." Gone is a boast ("I said two or three amusing things").
Then genteel middle-class ladies clamoured for reform, now ungenteel middle-class women are calling for revolution.
However, if Keckley carves a place for former slaves and African American women in the public sphere by juxtaposing her resourcefulness with the ineptitude of white "ladies," she still has to struggle with stereotypical and harmful associations of the African American woman as ungenteel and publicly accessible.
NOTHING as ungenteel as London's gazumping yet threatens house vendors and buyers in Birmingham's stockbroker strata.
I am particularly fond of Hightower's response to the oft-heard charge that those of us who raise such concerns are guilty of "fomenting class warfare." So ungenteel, so tacky, is the implied criticism; this, as it were, has no class.
He was born in 1743 the son of a wealthy but uneducated and ungenteel planter from western Virginia.
As suggested by Townshend's thoroughly impolite and ungenteel behavior, the Met performances of Tommy were more rock concert than opera.
Bounderby's aggressively ungenteel behavior is not the only human offense here.