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It shouldn't go on and it is ungentlemanly but we need him for the next few games.
Old stagers trumpet that it's ungentlemanly, not cricket, to attach electrodes to genitals.
Another puzzle is this: how could Referee Peers send anyone off the field of play for ungentlemanly conduct when all were ladies?
The high stakes raised by the First World War forced navy commanders to put aside their qualms about the ungentlemanly nature of stealth attacks on shipping.
He said: "I apologised to Lee because, on reflection, it was ungentlemanly.
cavalier: gallant and gentlemanly; haughty and ungentlemanly.
Bad language leads to an automatic red card and ungentlemanly conduct, such as spitting or arguing, is frowned upon.
The game for gentlemen has descended into some very ungentlemanly conduct, as the side from Werrington village in Cornwall succeeded in having Usk thrown out of the quarter-finals of the national championship after losing by just one run.
If Simon revealed the intimate nature of their affair to anyone, it is ungentlemanly and a betrayal.
Edwards said in a statement that he was "disgusted" it had been posted online, and would never have done it himself "because I regard it as ungentlemanly, because I was brought up better than that.
card for ungentlemanly behavior, with defender Yaqoub Al-Taher being showed a
Hart was booked during the penalty shoot-out against Sweden for ungentlemanly conduct and will now miss the final in Malmo when Stuart Pearce's youngsters face Germany.