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Pakistan has concerns over border management; over the Tehreek-e-Taliban; Pakistan's presence in ungoverned space in Afghanistan; refugee concerns, she said.
If left unchecked the violence and ungoverned space will only increase the challenges from illegal migration and terrorism.
Lodhi also said that about 40% of Afghanistan is under 'insurgent control, contested or ungoverned.
It has helped fight Al-Qaeda and other groups who took advantage of ungoverned spaces along a long porous border and posed a common threat to both countries.
It is also essential so that ISIS cannot reemerge in liberated and ungoverned areas," said a statement Wednesday.
Most of these terrorists have repeatedly launched cross-border attacks against innocent Pakistanis with impunity, exploiting the presence of millions of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, the porous Pak-Afghan border and large tracts of ungoverned spaces inside Afghanistan.
Warning the region of the possibility of extremists exploiting its ungoverned spaces, Gen Petraeus described the fight as "a generational struggle", calling for comprehensive civil-military responses.
Terrorist sanctuaries are there (in ungoverned areas of Afghanistan) from where they fired on Pakistani posts.
The study defined an ungoverned territory as an area in which a state faces significant challenges in establishing control-whether found in failed or failing states, characterized by poorly controlled land or maritime borders, or areas within otherwise functioning states where the central government's authority does not extend.
It controls pockets of territory in four out of approximately 400 districts of Afghanistan, which is hardly proof of the group's potency given the vast amount of ungoverned space in Afghanistan and in Pakistan's tribal areas.
federal agency officials, testing their knowledge of the will of the American public, examining the relationship between their lack of knowledge with the enacting of federal regulations ungoverned by elected officials.