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After that, when we went in to supper, the place and the meal would have a more homely look than ever, and I would feel more ashamed of home than ever, in my own ungracious breast.
It gave me pain and it was an ungracious part to play, but I have said nothing either to the one or to the other.
He thought it an ungracious answer, but if they were going to live together he must do all he could to make things go easily.
The beast struck Jim full on his shoulder and sent the astonished cab-horse rolling over and over, amid shouts of delight from the spectators, who had been horrified by the ungracious act he had been guilty of.
When, however, he saw that Rosalie had taken leave of her friends and I was about to join her, he would have left me and passed on at a quicker pace; but, as he civilly lifted his hat in passing her, to my surprise, instead of returning the salute with a stiff, ungracious bow, she accosted him with one of her sweetest smiles, and, walking by his side, began to talk to him with all imaginable cheerfulness and affability; and so we proceeded all three together.
He played very little for previous club West Bromwich Albion - a factor in the ungracious goal celebration which took him into Middlesbrough's technical area with his hand cupped to his ear.
But, while Trudeau was succeeding greatly in his charm offensive, another PM chose to express her rather ungracious thoughts about the barong.
It would be ungracious of us to be fighting against them canceling us, but yeah, it wasn't our decision.
SADIQ Khan meets Jeremy Corbyn today and the newly installed London Mayor should beware appearing ungracious - since his support for the leader helped him to secure Labour's London nomination.
In view of that, coach Heyneke Meyer might have to find a way to rouse himself after his rather ungracious scene-setter this week.
And who can blame them, considering the ungracious response of poorer countries like Scotland to the fiscal transfers they receive in the political union called the UK?
Bearing in mind that Colonel William Hall Walker paid for the paintings, donated them to the Walker Art Gallery, presented all his bloodstock to the Government, and that his father, Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, had largely financed the building of that fine gallery, they seem to be displaying an astonishingly ungracious attitude.