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How much of my ungracious condition of mind may have been my own fault, how much Miss Havisham's, how much my sister's, is now of no moment to me or to any one.
It seemed to me a little ungracious to decline an invitation of that sort, and I ascribed his refusal to lack of money.
Without being particularly ungracious or repellent in manner or speech, he managed somehow to be immune to impertinent curiosity, yet exempt from the evil repute with which it commonly revenges itself when baffled; so far as I know, Mr.
As a tiger doth he ever stand, on the point of springing; but I do not like those strained souls; ungracious is my taste towards all those self- engrossed ones.
The difference in affection, of parents towards their several children, is many times unequal; and sometimes unworthy; especially in the mothers; as Solomon saith, A wise son rejoiceth the father, but an ungracious son shames the mother.
The noise, especially from those associated with Deputy President William Ruto, is ungracious.
Dave, Cheltenham FP: Dave, one never forgets a true love, but Mourinho's ungracious behaviour is a big blot on his copybook for me.
The perception of the UK electorate is that Europe is most ungracious and ungrateful, anti British rhetoric being thrown from the beaches of Europe to Dover.
ISLAMABAD -- The legal community of Peshawar on Tuesday conveyed their reservations to the chief justice over the 'ungracious and unceremonious' farewell to Supreme Court judge Dost Muhammad Khan on his retirement.
He played very little for previous club West Bromwich Albion - a factor in the ungracious goal celebration which took him into Middlesbrough's technical area with his hand cupped to his ear.
But, while Trudeau was succeeding greatly in his charm offensive, another PM chose to express her rather ungracious thoughts about the barong.
"It would be ungracious of us to be fighting against them canceling us, but yeah, it wasn't our decision."