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The statements about disturbance of water regime of entire Central Asia and reduction in irrigation water upon construction of Kambar-Ata-1 hydropower plant are ungrounded, Minister of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan Avtandil Kalmambetov said at the parliamentary hearings on February 19.
Reports on a plane-landing request dated on October 30 from the Jordanian military attach{'s office in Kuwait, are completely ungrounded and irresponsible, it said.
Thus, the size of disclosed embezzlement of funds and supplies made 0.9 million som, other violations included ungrounded payment of salaries for 0.8 million som, misuse of public funds in the amount of 3.9 million som, disguised outstanding payments in the amount of 1.1 million som, other violations in the amount of 2.1 million som.
"The Kingdom of Morocco, under HRH King Mohammad VI, denounces categorically such ungrounded claims and deems them an infringement on the Muslims' third holiest sites and an encroachment on the relevant UN resolutions," said a statement by the Ministry.
DC Earth Fault Locators suitable for locating earth faults in ungrounded DC systems along with standard accessories for various Power Houses and Substations of BBMB
"Recently, we see the wave of ungrounded and unchecked information in the press and from officials.
Sources at the embassy told KUNA local media reports claiming that unknown gunmen had lately fired at the building of the embassy were "ungrounded and divorced from reality." The source consequently urged mass media to ensure reliability and accuracy while reporting and to seek information from official sources.
The National Bank said the demands of problem borrowers are ungrounded. Their only goal is not to repay the credits.
The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine approved a new Order of activity of the Commission that approves issuing permits for the subsurface use, which makes it impossible to delay the process of considering documents and enables protecting entrepreneurs from ungrounded denials.
Tenders are invited for Supply of tantalum sheathed, 1.0 mm od, 120.0 mm long, hafnium oxide insulated, ungrounded, c-type thermocouple as per specifications in table-2a of section, 3 along with compatible temperature transmitter., platinum sheathed, 1.0 mm od, 120.0 mm long, aluminium oxide insulated, ungrounded, r-type thermocouple as per specifications in table-2b of section 3, along with compatible temperature transmitter., extension cable compatible with c-type thermocouples, extension cable compatible with r-type thermocouples.
Reduction of government agencies, their transformation will lead to reduction of ungrounded business checks.