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The letters were written contemporaneously with the events to which O'Casey's refers in the autobiographies, thus they serve as an objective correlative: "enabling opinions drafted in the heat of a particular moment to be contrasted with the way in which that moment was recaptured many years later in its autobiographical recollection." Harris argues that "it is inevitable, therefore, that O'Casey's autobiographical writing tends to reflect the author more accurately than the various past selves that form his subject." The interest lies in the very unguardedness of the letters; the immediacy of the response, rather than the thought-out elaborations of the later autobiographies.
Yet the very unguardedness of this passage renders it especially revealing, and its working assumptions are furthermore entirely representative of the dominant tendency in cultural criticism of the genre over the last three decades.
Relationship-building with users requires extensive communication skills: a friendliness, an openness, an unguardedness that allows a social connection, however limited, to develop quickly.