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The APKWS is a low-cost semi-active laser guidance kit developed by BAE Systems, which is added to unguided 70 mm rockets, turning them into precision strike weapons.
The report warns that, although AI presents transformative opportunities to address the Earth's environmental challenge, if left unguided it also has the capability to accelerate the environment's degradation.
[1,2] This study of unguided transthoracic fine needle aspiration determines that it is an easy and convenient diagnostic modality which can be performed rapidly with low risk.
The 2017 version you're holding adheres to that vision, and we hope it offers just what you're looking for in planning your next unguided adventure.
The unit incorporates a friction motor drive that boasts a peak-to-peak unguided tracking error of around 2 arc-seconds in exposures of up to 6 minutes.
Israel's defense establishment is dealing with an uprising which is generating unguided and unorganized perpetrators, who go to sleep as ordinary citizens and wake up as terrorists.
The Zambezi Society is pleased to announce that as a result of its representations to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority on behalf of the visiting Public, the Authority has reinstated "unguided" public walking in Mana Pools National Park, with iimnediate effect.
We also compare it to the unguided slogan generator.
I've hunted Alaska both guided and unguided, by boat, horseback, and on foot.
Previously, two unguided shells were found in Batken region on September 9 at the area of Khoja-Achkan in Telbe Pass.
TALON's guidance section integrates directly to the front of the legacy 2.75-inch Hydra-70 unguided rockets while its unique tail kit replaces the legacy Hydra-70 wraparound tail kit.
Unguided and raising loads up to 232 inches high, the vehicle's compact construction allows all open rack space to be used, increasing operational efficiency.