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He is divorcee Dr Paul Flanner, who arrives in the North Carolina town of Rodanthe and stays in an inn run by unhappily married Adrienne (Lane).
BALTIMORE--Women who are happily married in midlife report fewer sleep problems than unhappily married or unmarried women, based on data from nearly 3,000 women.
In Los Angeles, Enrique lives somewhat unhappily with his wife and three children while longing to meet Leila once again.
I may need to go shopping for some fantastic skiwear before it gets too late," he says unhappily.
There, he meets beautiful society girl Rose who unhappily is on her way to be wed in an arranged union.
The latter are now unhappily focused on income regeneration and so the older institutions are now back with a job to do.
The Chandler family, sitting unhappily on a 20% stake in Tribune Co.
On the other hand, those most ardent to pursue strict reform accepted unhappily the necessary concession to wealthy donors who demanded the privilege of "dropping in" on the contemplative routine and lodging with the sisters at will.
Two sisters who long ago moved to Madrid, unhappily married knockout Raimunda (Cruz) and plain, single hairdresser Sole (Lola Duenas), are there to tie up a few loose family ends, some of which involve the mysterious, fiery death of their parents some years back.
Unhappily, the young woman in question plans to follow her delivery scheduled for late June with an August parachute jump, according to an online report.
Unhappily, some engineers stated that they hadn't had the opportunity for hands-on experience.