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I am one of those fortunate persons who have outlived happiness and unhappiness.
Elmer Cowley could not have believed that George Willard had also his days of unhappiness, that vague hungers and secret unnam- able desires visited also his mind.
The idea that he thought might put an end to all of his unhappiness was very simple.
With a perversity which should be forgiven to those who suffer night and day and are as if drunk with an exalted unhappiness, I went on: "For the sake of an old cast-off glove; for I suppose a disdained love is not much more than a soiled, flabby thing that finds itself on a private rubbish heap because it has missed the fire.
In his hands sin suffered no dramatic punishment; it did not always show itself as unhappiness, in the personal sense, but it was always unrest, and without the hope of peace.
It was no slight additional proof of her unhappiness, that she should so cling to the consolation of my presence, and earnestly desire the company of one whose general tastes and ideas were so little congenial to her own--whom she had completely forgotten in her hour of prosperity, and whose presence would be rather a nuisance than a pleasure, if she could but have half her heart's desire.
Unfortunately, unhappiness in all of its forms is a common affliction, regardless of societal status, race or religion.
Scott Oliver:"This isn't just unhappiness, this is Marks and Spencer unhappiness.
Twenge, one of the study's authors, said, 'Although this study can't show causation, several other studies have shown that more social media use leads to unhappiness, but unhappiness does not lead to more social media use.
Twenge believes this screen time is driving unhappiness rather than the other way around.
Unhappiness is part of every life, and most people learn how to cope with it: by changing the conditions that cause it, or by distracting themselves, or by actively repressing it.
RAIL union leaders have expressed "disbelief" at an official report on passenger satisfaction levels, saying their members were having to cope with overcrowding, unhappiness with delays and complaints about fare prices on a daily basis.