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I reproach myself for having even, though innocently, made her unhappy on that score.
Madame Olenska's pale and serious face appealed to his fancy as suited to the occasion and to her unhappy situation; but the way her dress (which had no tucker) sloped away from her thin shoulders shocked and troubled him.
All the rest was weakness--sheer weakness; and it is the unhappy lot of thoroughly weak men, that their very sympathies, affections, confidences--all the qualities which in better constituted minds are virtues--dwindle into foibles, or turn into downright vices.
Some spectral-looking person, a mere shadow; an unhappy, dying man.
You couldn't be unhappy if he were here, even if he gie'd ye no money--even if used you like a drudge.
You do not know Him and that is why you are unhappy.
He did not know in the least what had made him invent that pathetic story, but he was quite as unhappy as though it had been true.
Laws and systems are meant for the unhappy and the untractable, not for people like you, for whom Love makes its own laws.
Alas, good mother,' answered the Queen, 'I am unhappy because I have no children.
In pity to your unhappy freind avoid a subject so distressing.
They really are," said the Lion, "but that doesn't make me any braver, and as long as I know myself to be a coward I shall be unhappy.
That leather bed on which so many unhappy wretches had writhed, frightened her.