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If the same thing happened while unharnessed, Lane could have gone flying along with the board.
A horse with a dray attached waiting to be unharnessed was galloping off toward the narrow walled slope leading to the stables, jamming it tight.
He called upon the government to give special incentives to investors for bringing latest bio energy technologies in the country in order to tap the unharnessed potential of biomass resources.
Before the introduction of car seats for children in England, horrific images in the form of an advertisement played several times on television at peak periods, to demonstrate what would happen to an unharnessed child in the event of an accident in a vehicle at low speed.
But, at the same time, Sharma voiced his concern that "despite the establishment of working group on trade and investment, not much progress has been made for achieving substantial outcomes based on the promise that this region holds out and the potential that has largely remained unharnessed.
as though they had just been unharnessed from Juno's chariot" (Zuleika 39).
President Woodrow Wilson was the first national leader to seriously confront the unharnessed power of lobbyists.
Upon seeing what has happened, the two men who own the cart hurried to the scene, mounted the unharnessed horse and proceeded to pursue the tow vehicle.
The woman who was killed was sitting unharnessed between two bucket seats in the front of the car.
Summary: Nik Wallenda will challenge himself once again on Friday by walking, unharnessed, across the Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
A lack of education and opportunity means their talents remain unharnessed and they cannot acquire the wherewithal to get well paid work or to start businesses when they are adult.
The possibilities that the CMU studies presented have many privacy-watchers concerned that, left unharnessed, facial recognition technology will destroy anonymity in public spaces and raise privacy and security concerns over the collection, sharing and storage of data.