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of Agriculture, and suggests eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean protein, cutting down on unhealthful fat and added sugar and exercising more.
The jury found that the residents' cigarette use was so constant and so heavy that it rose to the same nuisance level as loud parties or excessive noise and created an unhealthful condition for other residents.
Improvements to the techniques used to hydrogenate vegetable oils could soon fill store shelves with packaged foods containing reduced quantities of unhealthful trans fats.
The EHC continues to make such unhealthful mixed land uses a priority in its activities.
Gobs of unhealthful fat, teaspoons of salt, mounds of sugar.
Specific topics include the importance of height for both child development and playground safety, the very real problem of obesity among children as exacerbated by unhealthful diets and insufficient physical activity, the nature and benefits of children's climbing behaviors, and so much more.
We examine whether schools under financial pressure are more likely to adopt potentially unhealthful food policies.
You hear several explanations: Big food companies are pushing supersize portions of unhealthful foods on us; we have become a sluggish nation of couch potatoes; and families eat too much fast food.
Having litigated many cases involving allegedly tainted food products or defective merchandise, this writer does not believe that litigation against the food industry based solely upon the fat content or unhealthful nature of food will ultimately be successful.
Things like clutter, sharp angles, nooks and crannies, and excessive storage space slow down this energy, causing it to stagnate and become unhealthful.
Have students analyze their own charts for unhealthful dietary trends.