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Results of a major health survey published today reveal the region is getting fatter and unhealthier, but binge drinking levels have fallen to an all-time low.
Rats exposed to this unfiltered Beijing air gained more weight, and were unhealthier overall, than were rats allowed to breathe cleaner air typical of U.
When volunteers were deprived of sleep, their levels of this drug-like brain chemical - called 2-AG - stayed higher for longer and as a result they snacked on unhealthier foods throughout the day.
According to the findings, the longer you stay in Delhi, the unhealthier your lungs are.
Women who married unhappy men tended to be unhealthier and live shorter lives than women married to happy men.
It is unclear if individuals compensate when eating unhealthier foods with smaller meal sizes and/or by decreasing the frequency of consumption.
As our lives become more inactive, we are growing unhealthier and continuing to place a strain on our health service.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: Jamie Oliver warned it was "morally, socially and financially unacceptable" that children are becoming unhealthier as he attacked politicians for failing to tackle the problem.
It's OK promoting healthy choices but, as Kirklees Council rightly points out, current planning and licensing legislation gives them little chance to hold back the tide of the unhealthier types of business.
Many of the previous studies showing alcohol's beneficial effects have included former drinkers in the nondrinker comparison group; however, former drinkers have a higher mortality risk than do never drinkers, because they tend to be unhealthier than never drinkers.
We know Britons are getting heavier and unhealthier.
While you probably know that we have a tendency to choose unhealthier foods when we're stressed, it isn't just our choices that contribute to weight gain.