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Both Walsall and Wolverhampton came within the 25 unhealthiest local authority areas in the country with Wolverhampton finishing 19th bottom and Walsall 24th bottom overall.
The healthiest counties are the ones achieving public health goals: The report shows that in these counties, residents have higher college attendance and lower unemployment rates, fewer smokers, more access to exercise opportunities as well as health care professionals, and better air and water qualities than the unhealthiest counties.
Dr Nigel Best, a clinical spokesperson for Specsavers--which operates stores in all of the top healthiest and unhealthiest High Streets--told OT: "We're not overly surprised by the findings, but also recognise the benefits of High Streets offering a varied range of services to cater for all consumers.
London, Sept 5 (ANI): Middle-aged Britons are the unhealthiest in the world, says a new poll.
A LABOUR MSP has warned the SNP not to close a hospital for old folk in one of Europe's unhealthiest areas.
HAVING first tackled the state of British school food and home cooking, last year Jamie Oliver travelled to America's unhealthiest city - Huntington, West Virginia - to get to grips with America's junk food addiction.
00pm) Jamie Oliver promotes healthy eating in Huntington, West Virginia, statistically one of the unhealthiest cities in America.
A poll for the report found Suffolk residents had the unhealthiest lifestyles, exercising the least compared with 10 other regions in the UK.
Who has the unhealthiest celebrity physique, according to a poll?
CHEFS are Britain's unhealthiest workers - because they scoff the most JUNK FOOD.
Mothers who worked full-time had the unhealthiest children, followed by those who worked part-time.
The Associated Press declared Huntington the "fattest and unhealthiest city" in America.