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More: Page 20 Wales, religious revival and the world by Dr David Ceri Jones Ever since the publication of Caradoc Evans' wildly pejorative collection of short stories, My People (1915), the view that Welsh nonconformity was repressive, inward-looking, and unhealthily world-denying has gone largely unchallenged.
The newly formed committee will study, among other things, whether its interns and other junior employees are encouraged to work overly long hours, or are pushed into unhealthily competitive environments as they vie for a limited number of jobs.
The large accountancy firms are in a powerful position in the tax world and have an unhealthily cosy relationship with government," said Margaret Hodge MP, chairwoman of the PAC.
But by all accounts, we in the United States sleep too little and eat, if not too much, then at least unhealthily (think salt, trans fats and sugar).
Marta, the nanny, seems hostile, contemptuous and is unhealthily attached to the child.
However, over a short period of time she becomes unhealthily connected to the box and her behaviour becomes more and more erratic.
Of course, Rebekah Brooks's remark that the pair are "in this together" only reinforces the image that the relationship between the pair was unhealthily cosy.
BONUS WINNER: SANDRA FITZGIBBON, HORNCHURCH, ESSEX ACROSS DOWN 1 Con, swindle (4) 3 Fabric on which an artist paints (6) 7 Horrible (4) 8 Charmingly oldfashioned (6) 10 Gallantry (8) 13 Worth a lot (8) 16 Indifference (6) 17 Body of a ship (4) 18 Grow larger (6) 19 Irritation (4) 1 Gadget (6) 2 Unhealthily pale (6) 4 Fish tank (8) 5 Excessively pleased with one's appearance (4) 6 Location (4) 9 Long race of 26 miles (8) 11 Sudden, unexpected (6) 12 Affluence (6) 14 Fish similar to a cod (4) 15 Angelic musical instrument?
I tried to lose weight on my own, but within days I'd be back to eating unhealthily.
Yet Jackson was propelled to an almost unrivalled celebrity status because of the oddities of his mind that drove him to want to be rich famous and which were seized upon by a media and public that are unhealthily obsessed with the behaviour of such people.
If it costs more to live unhealthily the collective society doesn't say no
Eventually, the characters begin moving closer together as plotlines intersect: Russell Stone gets involved with a beautiful psychiatrist, whom he had originally consulted regarding the possibly unhealthily happy Thassa, who has come to the attention of the scientist, a geneticist interested in the genes that might enhance life, in turn joining the plot of the science hostess who has been working up a series of programs on the scientist (and now this happy student).