unhealthy air

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"Not to your knowledge; but you have inhaled unhealthy air, and it has left its effect.
"On days when unhealthy air quality is predicted, we can all take individual actions to help reduce the air emissions that contribute to air pollution."
Meanwhile, the AQI in 11 monitoring stations in northern Taiwan and seven in Kaohsiung and Pingtung in the south flashed orange, signaling unhealthy air for young children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases.
The air protection agency is forecasting unhealthy air quality levels throughout the weekend as high pressure dominates and the air stagnation continues.
When ozone is forecast to be unhealthy for sensitive groups, members of the public are encouraged to help limit emissions and reduce ozone by: using public transportation if possible; combining errands and car-pooling to reduce driving time and mileage; using less electricity by turning air conditioning to a higher temperature setting; turning off lights, TVs and computers when they are not being used; and avoiding using small gasoline-powered engines, such as lawn mowers, string trimmers, chain saws, power-washers, air compressors and leaf blowers on unhealthy air days.
The agency is forecasting unhealthy air quality levels for Oakridge over the next couple of days as high pressure dominates the region and air stagnation continues.
"Whether its stronger hurricanes, unhealthy air, or coastal flooding, Florida is already seeing the consequences of climate change caused by burning coal, oil, and gas, so its with reckless abandonment that Florida Power and Light is trying to burn even more gas in Dania Beach.
In response to the unhealthy air quality, the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency advised residents to stay indoors, if possible, and limit outdoor activity, especially for children, senior citizens and people with heart and lung conditions.
Haze from the fires could persist over the weekend, and smoke reaching lower elevations may create unhealthy air quality levels today and Sunday, according to the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency.
Meanwhile, according to the American Lung Association, 125 million Americans already live in counties with unhealthy air quality.
OAKRIDGE - A handful of Oakridge residents on Monday received warnings for violating a wood burning ban during the present period of smoky, unhealthy air in the east Lane County town.
Today, EPA confirmed that New Englanders experienced a slight decrease in the number of unhealthy air quality days this year, compared to 2015.