unhealthy situation

See: peril
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The committee will present its suggestions to cope with any unhealthy situation between the police and the media men while performing their duties.
What has recently shone the spotlight on this unhealthy situation is the attempt to set up an inquiry into the alleged cover-up of establishment child abuse.
It's an unhealthy situation which has affected several clubs this season as a result of a change in priority rules over the winter, and it can only affect the credibility of the Elite League that an established international can only be replaced by a sub-6.
Regardless of his motives, the unhealthy situation he spoke about was also touched by President Anastasiades who stressed that factions in the National Guard were unacceptable.
The church decision is important, therefore, because it shatters this unhealthy situation, in several ways.
The intriguing revelations have exposed the scale of government intrusion in media affairs, an unhealthy situation for a democratic country, and has drawn the ire of critics and opposition parties in Parliament.
Let me tell you the truth, sometimes a publisher will nominate their friends and this Omani writer was a victim of this unhealthy situation.
However, Lorgat said that he believed that an unhealthy situation is created if one party held too much control, adding that the focus should be placed on uplifting the less influential organisations in the game.
This is an unhealthy situation because one foot in Qatar - the local press, radio and television - has been wearing the Chinese shoe whereas the foreign media - led by Al Jazeera- has remained free.
I got myself out of an unhealthy situation I'd been in for years, where I was working too late and worrying too much.
In a call made by Barzani this afternoon,he noted that "since the eruption of the unhealthy situation in Kurdistan region among the political parties, we believed that joint dialogue and discussions are the only way to resolve all problems and obstacles.
An unhealthy situation is developing and all I am doing is raising the alarm.