unheard of

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"This was unheard of; we have tied hands with the Oriental Insurance company and have launched a specially designed Insurance policy for all the employees working in the Hospitality Industry across the Country.
'Even in loan agreements between states and private lenders, such wholesale waiver of sovereign immunity is unheard of,' he said.
"Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client - totally unheard of & perhaps illegal.
It was unheard of to get your make-up done for a night out.
The focus of Unheard Of is clearly Beckwith's own life and career.
It is unheard of for a team to have two players in the centre of midfield who score more than 20 goals.
Scottish Youth Football Association national secretary David Little said yesterday: "For a goalie to score two in a game is unheard of in my 30 years in the Scottish game."
Robin Goad, research director at internet analyst Hitwise, said such a long shutdown was "almost unheard of" for an e-commerce-dependent business like Ryanair.
No shoplifting offences were recorded in the city centre, a statistic dubbed "unheard of" for a busy shopping day by city centre Chief Inspector Steve Furnham.
As is well known, Pope Benedict believes that the 1970 change was far too abrupt and that the accompanying suppression of the old rite was an unheard of violation of the Church's liturgical tradition and contrary to the best interests of the Church as a whole.
Part of the recent trend of busy disposition activity within the REIT industry, the sale is also part of a growing club of building trades in which properties have fetched values greater than a billion dollars--an unheard of sum for a single asset only a few years ago.
"We beat the targets with the single cylinder, which is almost unheard of. Then we went to the multi-cylinder and we beat those targets and then we went to the vehicle and we beat those targets.