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Kaul, unheedful of the military situation and unmindful of the essential requirements of the troops, rushed 7 Infantry Brigade into Dohia area.
Or it may be required when a sick child empties the contents of her stomach onto her lap at story time, unheedful of the warning signs from her rumbling tummy.
On the other hand, people do tell salutary stories in which the morally 'deaf' feature as anonymous figures as in Bill Neitjie's (1989) story of two brothers, one obedient and one 'deaf' to injunction; the unheedful brother is taken by a prescient crocodile which eats the body but returns the boy's severed, rotting and unhearing head to the river bank.
And through the flowing shade and ebbing light A man, unheedful of the butterfly--Some neighbor's gardener, I guess--goes by Trundling an empty barrow up the lane.