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At the heart of this section and indeed of the whole volume is Gisele Seginger's criticism, to which we will return, of Pierre Bourdieu's extremely influential work, Les Regles de l'art (1992), which tackled head-on the issues confronting literary studies in general and, in particular, what he sees as the closed text-based world of critique genetique, unheeding of the domain of ideological realities.
Sanneh uses "inculturation" "only in the limited sense of critical indigenous appropriation as distinct from the unheeding imposition of foreign institutions or ideas" (Sanneh, Disciples 290 n.
Her father would harangue an unheeding dinner table over and over about how Nixon had "opened" China and brought about detente with Russia.
Finally, it is an oft-remarked fact that Australia took a strong stance on the issue of indicting the Japanese Emperor, unheeding of the political pragmatism embraced by the United States (US) and Britain, which thought it best to '[use] the Imperial throne as an instrument for the control of the Japanese people'.
This stereotypical Chinese exoticism is served up with added humour: the piece is transformed into a fish bowl, and unheeding goldfish swim around the gleaming porcelain legs and torsos.
105-06), lamenting for its own sake 'an ache in my bones' (and we know what that ache signifies) whilst Troilus, unheeding, reads the letter (5.
In South Lebanon, we witnessed a crippled Lebanese informer for Israel stranded in his wheelchair in the no-man's-land between the two countries, begging the unheeding Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers to let him in.
But in some ways, as China rolls unheeding on its way, we are all Tibetans now.
But, he added, the Post "is also a place where you can be different and quirky," a reference to the Weingarten feature, which the Pulitzer Board described as: "chronicling of a world-class violinist who, as an experiment, played beautiful music in a subway station filled with unheeding commuters.
The junction of four of the world's most formidable mountain ranges Karakoram, Hindukhsh, Himalayas, and pamirs forms a unique point in the northern areas; it has climbers, trekkers, mountaineers, hikers and unheeding rock, the flow of countless glacial streams, which attracts millions of tourists annually.
But where the biblical Jeremiah vainly admonished an unheeding Israel about God's impending judgment, Wojtyla's Father Peter is concerned with Poland.
He views Edward II as a play concerned more with the grim dynamics of power than with sexual self-actualization: 'The play makes no liberal case for sexual freedom, but takes up the cost of self-realization and the folly of impulsive, unheeding will' (p.