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OK, what about if I smash the s**t out of it and we tell everyone it's Eton Mess," Rhod added, somewhat unhelpfully.
Coptic Church officials in Egypt have unhelpfully urged Christian girls to wear a headscarf in this conservative Muslim country.
These events endanger the anticipated national dialogue and unhelpfully delay a return to constitutional order, and the restoration of the territorial integrity of Mali," the statement said.
Unhelpfully, the governor of HMP Holme House refuses to comment, leaving us with little choice but to speculate.
Rushing to set costly new standards nearly three years early will unnecessarily and unhelpfully forgo the opportunity to learn how consumers react to the aggressive new standards now being put into place," Chalmers said.
The reports said the scam was masterminded by a single individual, unhelpfully identified in most of the media only as "Mr.
And there was, this time, none of the carping about "Old Europe" the Bush administration unhelpfully indulged in before the Iraq war.
This book was also unhelpfully reliant on models, and clunky extended metaphors.
Two parts of space and time that should never have touched," explains the Doc, unhelpfully.
It has several layout eccentricities that can have nothing to do with economy: an unhelpfully right-hand set for the table of contents and list of illustrations provides a cognitive challenge.
Yet you might need to head off other anxious thoughts, which can drift up unhelpfully from the depths.
Especially for adoptive parents, emotions, a desire to protect the children from past hurts and even parental 'baggage' about the children's lives pre-adoption may unhelpfully intervene.