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193) For some men in custody, the craving for respect seems to put them on the offensive; it makes them willing to respond to all perceived slights, however minor, with unhesitating and even pitiless aggression.
Therefore, our support was unhesitating, in spite of the fact that the legislation pro-vided no benefits to the state system but rather imposed numerous restrictions on state credit unions.
Power comes in quickly from rest, there is a wide spread of torque, and as you move through the box, which you can fine tune to taste as well, the pickup is extremely smooth and unhesitating.
Democratic nations rely upon their armed forces for their defense--for unhesitating obedience to lawful orders from military commanders and civilian leaders.
she sitting on the edge of it surrounded by holly-stippled paper and the fatuous fragile red-and-green cord and gummed labels, the two gifts she had chosen reasonably costly but unremarkable, she looking at them with a sort of grim bemusement above the hands otherwise and at nearly every other human action unhesitating and swift.
Many ordinary Egyptians want the next president to be a true man strong, wise, strict, decisive and unhesitating.
Yet, despite this allegedly endemic nihilism, we nonetheless do acknowledge unhesitating acts of courage and unbelievable virtuosity.
Along with others, he was consulted by Sarah Austin with respect to the editing of her late husband's unpublished manuscripts: L & J Hamburger, Troubled Lives: John and Sarah Austin (1985) p 195; "In his [Stephen's] first principles he was an unhesitating disciple of Bentham and Austin": Leslie Stephen, The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen (1895) p 204.
They showed an unhesitating commitment to the ethos of One Young World in championing young people and the vision to create a formidable event in 2012.
In all our missions, "roger that" was the consistent and unhesitating reply of Vice Chairs Dan Anderson (Tampa) and Charlie Morgenstein (Boca Raton) and Program Administrator W.
He warned that his government would be "firm and unhesitating in attacking the very roots of this armed group that sows sedition, in order to protect the security of the country.