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Finally, he pledged to the pope his "complete devotion, loyalty and unhesitating obedience.
A without doubt, unhesitating conclusion, drawn from recent developments convinces thst, that slowly and gradually, Altaf has not only lost grip on a party he founded after laborious years, but increasingly is getting isolated, which should really be painful for him, for the edifice has not only been shaking and trembling, it has literally started to crumble, which is tragic.
He ruled: "The Police Ombudsman's unhesitating and unambiguous determination that RUC officers were guilty of collusion with UVF terrorists in the execution of the Heights Bar murders in substance differs little, if at all, from a verdict of guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
Jerry was just unhesitating in saying after we would be released that he was ready to go right back," Kelly said.
Clear and convincing evidence is said to exist where there is a finding of high probability, based on evidence "so clear as to leave no substantial doubt" and "sufficiently strong to command the unhesitating assent of every reasonable mind.
In the US, the decline in the freedom index of the media may be partially or substantially attributed to the ascendency of Donald Trump who has branded the media as 'fake news' and demonstrated his unhesitating contempt for the media by staying away from the annual White House dinner for US journalists.
The answer was clear, unhesitating and definitive: "Yes".
He enjoyed a peaceful life in Marsden but the death of his wife Marjorie in 1992 was a hard blow and a number of years later, when asked what had been the most important factor in his life, his unhesitating answer was: 'A very happy marriage.
As a manager, he invited and took in ideas and advice, welcomed dissent and informed criticism, and made unhesitating but never uninformed decisions.
Yes, sir, if they violate the traffic laws, we will apprehend them, was Gunnacao's swift and unhesitating reply.
I am also grateful to the Laboratory staff for their unhesitating help to support my work.
Then, the mentor guided the unhesitating hand of the student in the final pass of suctioning.