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Maybe I understood because I saw her in that early hour of the morning when even the stony Memnon sings, in that mystical light of the young day when divine exiled things, condemned to rough bondage through the noon, are for a short magical hour their own celestial selves, their unearthly glory as yet unhidden by any earthly disguise.
in thy bright, clear flow Of crystal, wandering water, Thou art an emblem of the glow Of beauty - the unhidden heart - The playful maziness of art In old Alberto's daughter;
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) also voiced its disappointment with the Nigerian president when they said: "We are constrained to liken Nigeria's decision to pitch tent with Israel to President Jonathan's consistent disgust for Islamic norms and values, his unveiled desire to marginalize Muslims in the scheme of things and his unhidden mien for the debilitation of Muslims both locally and internationally.
TinkerPlots has a 'Hide selected cases' function which allows the cases such as these to be hidden and unhidden to clearly demonstrate the effect on the graph.
Paradoxically, UNHRC has recently nominated Pakistani Advocate Ms Asma Jahangir, a fairly disputed HR activist with unhidden biases against Pakistan Armed forces, as a member of team to investigate HR violations allegedly committed by Sri Lanka Armed forces during military operation against LTTE.
Perhaps the most disturbing part of Estabrooks' whine fest is his abject and unhidden intellectual timidity when it comes to the problems faced by immigrant workers--documented and undocumented.
Concerned over the disappearance of Mutasim in the UAE, the High Peace Council (HPC) the other day said hidden and unhidden hands had always been there to sabotage the Afghan peace process when a breakthrough was expected.
Besides, removal of Wise Folder Hider will not expose hidden files,and all the hidden files can only be opened or unhidden by Wise Folder Hider.
The thronged boughs of the shadowy sycamore Still bear young leaflets half the summer through; From when the robin 'gainst the unhidden blue Perched dark, till now, deep in the leafy core, The embowered throstle's urgent wood-notes soar Through summer silence.
He said that it is an unhidden truth that the criminal activities especially extortions, target killing and supply of drugs are being executed under the flags of certain political parties.
Their unhidden aim is to restore the Islamic Caliphate in the region, the goal for which they have strengthened relations with all fanatical elements and groups in Gaza, Libya, Sudan and now Syria.
People viewed the recent Quetta bombing and attack on Quaid-I-Azam residency in Ziarat as a part of a conspiracy being hatched by unhidden forces against the government of Dr.