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But surely it is unhistorical to impose a monolithic definition, derived from a single period, across the entire historical spectrum.
341) that "Wilful denigration of Churchill is as unhistorical as lauding him as a Superman.
The view that culture and the arts are beyond the responsibilities of Congress is a meager one and unhistorical.
It was a period of settling down, of customary, ordinary, unhistorical things as opposed to the high, datable period which mostly stemmed from the battles of the previous era.
So while endorsing the appropriateness of the recent political activism of this "party," Noll makes it clear how unhistorical the argument is that the new republic was Christian in the sense so frequently claimed.
Modernism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries challenged an uncritical and unhistorical orthodoxy, but it also fostered subjectivism, relativism and a deeply rooted skepticism toward anything supernatural.
Although in her introduction Walker disowns any essentialist or unhistorical notions of female interiority, the idea seems to creep back covertly into her thesis, leading her, for example, to see Milton's Eve as a failure of imagination (he 'does not recognize the feminine') rather than analysing her, as Davis does, in terms of Milton's understanding of the feminine as the unstable 'other' that seems to threaten masculine rational identity.
By analyzing the legends in the context of the time of writing, Frank succeeds in interpreting apparently confused legends--previously dismissed as unhistorical and worthless--as an important expression of the new self-image of Muslims in the Russian Empire.
Furthermore, for a book about history and historical interpretation, Gill's views are strikingly unhistorical.
One might object to Tanner's book, and books like it, that they are unhistorical and thus basically implausible in their deliberate imposition of an anachronistic vocabulary on the matter of a past poet.
Ultimately, however, it is not the unhistorical claims, but rather the ahistorical theories, which undermine Wegert's project.