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3] is a stretch, though probably not an unhistorical one.
to destroy unhistorical theory-mongering of this kind.
Of these, his younger son Jan (1568-1625), who was immortalised by Rubens with his wife, his son Pieter, and his daughter Elisabeth in a memorable group portrait now in the Courtauld Gallery, and who takes a wholly unhistorical bow as the jeune premier in Jacques Feyder's hilariously irreverent film of 1935, La Kermesse heroique, is the most distinguished by many a mile.
Today, however, the Modern suppression of Geography and History for Social Studies is deliberately unhistorical and implicitly anti-Christian.
Here, just in time to have inspired Lucy's epitaph in 1592, are the titles awarded to the hero Talbot in I Henry VI, including those contested by Vincent as unhistorical for the first John Talbot, with the exception of "Falcon-bridge," a name with its own impressive pedigree as theatrical fiction.
Along the way, he argues that curatorial innovation requires the development of formats that are "highly specific to this present" and asserts that curators now must "unmask uncritical, unhistorical, art market ideas such as `the contemporary' and 'Contemporary Art' and replace them with ideas that speak from our actual contemporaneity.
First, Levinas' comment exemplifies how an omission of the Lacanian Real reveals both deconstruction and historicism to be flawed--Zizekan historicity, according to a definition offered in one interview, being "historicism" plus "the unhistorical kernel of the Real" (Vighi and Feldner 18).
And for all of his jettisoning of the crude and unhistorical Frankfurt school analyses, he clung too firmly and too long to both the dialectic of rationality and the cultural-industry analyses, leaving his value to libertarians somewhat diminished.
Liturgist Luther Reed described an 1835 Lutheran liturgy as the "low point in an unhistorical and un-Lutheran type of worship in this country.
The article ye, however, may be classified as pseudo-archaic due to its unhistorical pronunciation.
It is a curiously static, unhistorical position, for one thing.
Africa is the Unhistorical, Undeveloped Spirit, still involved in the conditions of mere nature, and which had to be presented here only as on the threshold of the World's History (Hegel 1956:99).