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The eight-year-old had been loaded into his trailer when the car burst into flames, but quick thinking by trainer John Ryan and his daughter Gillian ensured he was unhitched in the nick of time and escaped unscathed.
Well, a sergeant walked over to the donkey and unhitched the beast, and the donkey went trotting off, and the Marines followed the donkey.
In order to maximize our creativity, we must strive to unhitch ourselves from old patterns, to move in new directions, to build as many new patterns as time and circumstance will allow.
I jumped right in and helped her unhitch the pony cart and brush Ladybug.
The criminals then unhitch the trailer from its rig, attach it to another cab, and pull the trailer to another location to unload its contents.
He'd wake up in his small Pennsylvania town, unhitch his rocking horse from his bed, then go watch John Wayne gallop across the family's small screen.
Three courses were used in order to unhitch the skills of navigation from the unrelated skills of perception and planning, Evans said.
The presidential election issue has unnerved markets with investors wary of any development which could unhitch the government's fight against inflation.
In less than five minutes I can unhitch the trailer from the car, level the deck with the tongue jack, set the four trailer stabilizers, crank up the observing deck, and be ready for a night's viewing.
When gunmen fired at the carriage of Miss Louisa Ellard, a landlord's daughter who was managing her father's estate, "she turned around and fired three shots from a small revolver." She also ordered the driver to unhitch the horses and ride after the assailants but he demurred.(11)
I unhitch the horse and let him into the barn lot where I can catch him tomorrow morning, and head for the house.
Further, the city needs to consider whether to unhitch from its five-year, $170,000 contract with Pat's, at least while the assault cases are still pending.