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The Eastern Orthodox perceive this development as a sign of the disunity and unholiness of the Latin Church.
Unbelief and unholiness constitute a failure to sanctify God.
Theologians through the ages have insisted that we find such evil in the form of moral hatred, unholiness, unbelief, inordinate pride, anger, envy, or revenge even in heavenly places because of fallen angels who once belonged to heaven and are always seeking ways to return to it.
Encipherment is the escape from the unholiness of the heart's affections.
Repose had a Christmas epiphany: the birth of God into the midst of humanity, unholiness, commercialization and worldliness.
Its unholiness is a powerful agent, never to be approached without a strong sense of taboo.
It was the media - especially the media closest to Seton Hall - that for years has gutlessly indulged, ignored, apologized, defended, celebrated and otherwise extended a free pass in the face of the unholiness that Seton Hall has allowed to persist in the name of beating other Big East `college' programs at basketball," Mushnick wrote.