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The bra, which unhooks only after sensing an instant boost of love-filled excitement, sends the body's functions as a signal to the app, which then determines if the "true love rate" is enough to unclasp it.
It is simple to hook and unhook the chain to the S-hook when we go in or out.
The safe, mounted on a swiveling base, can be accessed without having to unhook the trailer and is easily removed when not in use.
I had one of our fellow trainees from the line shack unhook the huffer from the tractor but not before I looked back to make sure it was ready to disconnect.
I did discover I was sincerely in need of some new bras, but that requires a whole day of bad mood and frustration because personnel to assist in lingerie departments are rarer than hen's teeth and in order to find the Perfect Bra, one has to undress, unhook, hook, unhook, get dressed, select more bras off the rack (No More Than 3 Garments Allowed in Dressing Room), undress, unhook, hook, unhook, get dressed - to find a bra that fits.
If the whole cap is submerged, unhook one paper clip at a time until the top of the cap sticks out of the water.
"But, for whatever reason, Laura could not unhook herself, then another gust of wind and the boat 'turtled' (turned upside down) and Laura was dragged underneath.
* Unhook the inboard water line of the circuits you want to test.
Film reserves its greatest scorn for Korean pols, like current prez Roh Moo-hyun, who've recently been looking for wiggle room, as Washington refuses to unhook the issue from the U.S.-Korea Bilateral Investment Treaty.
Tray heights can be changed without tools by lifting up on the slide to unhook and moving to the new position.
"This saves at least two minutes per container because the driver does not have to unhook the chassis and retrieve another one.
While TV's Lord Brocket is best known for trying to unhook Kerry McFadden's bra and fondling Jordan, his infamous grandfather threw Scots off his land, inspiring The Seven Men of Knoydart land grab.