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When Yamauchi arrived in Poston, she found herself thrust into a depressing, unhopeful world.
In Black preaching, singing, prayers, testimony, and other liturgical interactions, Jesus is hope in unhopeful circumstances.
Following this unhopeful response, the Provincial Auditor continued to lobby for a meaningful mandate review and turned strategies back towards working through the PAC.
By the end, Pi's belief in God and love has been honed down to a stark, unhopeful, desperate need for God and love--or for storytelling, which Martel seems to regard as the same thing.
I never believed in any fortune telling or psychic behaviour of any sort but it was at a time when I was desperate and very unhopeful.
As someone who finds opportunity as well as apprehension in contemporary America, I suspect that the difference between my hopeful hope and Gates's and West's unhopeful hope is gendered.