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1) Woolf's image of the shell breaking to unhouse "a central oyster of perceptiveness" is evocative of the surrealist images of French filmmaker Germaine Dulac's The Seashell and the Clergyman (1927).
El tono acogedor tipico de la diccion de Herbert agrado a Hopkins, pero ya se aprecia una diferencia en un detalle muy concreto del poema de Hopkins: <<But you shall walk the golden street / And you unhouse and house the Lord>> (19).
Koolhaas has taken the frames off the bloc of sensation; you might say that he has made a house unhouse it.
The effect of her writing, generally, is to unhouse or to estrange oppositions such as inside/outside, public/private, self/other and past/present in the representation of identity, and thus to signify the inorganic links between writing and subjectivity in relation to the experience of migration.