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Bauer Compressors has reinforced its Unicus range of products with its new all-in-one high tech system
A minimum of one (1) Integrated Breathing Air Cylinder Recharging System, Bauer Compressor Mini Unicus 111 13 CFM, 3 Phase, 230 volt with Electronic CO Monitor P2 6000 PSI Securis Filter and two (2) ASME Storage Cylinders, or equal installed for use by the City of Alexandria Fire Department.
We have come to realise that the FIRS Unicus is the ideal technology for evaporation of fouling liquids and large duty heat exchange applications with difficult fluids.
Schmidt, like several others, interprets Apuleius' ironic epithet unicus as referring to the Christian God (cf.
Officials at Unicus Performance Training (UPT) have filed a lawsuit against Winfrey's Harpo, Inc accusing the firm for not having paid them for developing an exercise scheme.
The book under review represents in the main the critical edition of the fragmentary codex unicus of the Tattvasamiksa.
ut informi urse partus, mule rarus, vipere unicus isque infelix, ut ceci talpe, surde apes, ut postremo superiorem mandibulam omnium solus animantium cocodrillus movet.
40 m during year 2 of the ley; and (iv) fertilised pasture with earthworms, where locally adapted earthworms (Fletcherodrilus unicus, Aporrectodea trapezoides, and Potoscolex corethurus) were introduced during the initial year of pasture establishment.
To this end, Balthasar adduces throughout his book the philosophy of Joseph Marechal, who had speculatively adumbrated what Henri de Lubac had historically demonstrated, namely, that the natural order exists only as inscribed within the unicus ordo supernaturalis.
While other companies have produced taps that have a traditional look, the Rudge & Co Primus and Unicus ranges are the genuine Victorian items.
That is when our company, UNICUS, was retained as project manager.