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All of the victims in the explosions have been identified and body parts have also been claimed, except for some unidentical body pieces of a man and a woman, whom authorities said may belong to the two bombers.
At least one reputable source agrees with Paddy Power's prediction by saying that it is highly likely for Markle to have unidentical twins.
However, we argue that the overall exposure time can be reduced without using additional resources if we assign each server unidentical exposure time in accordance with the type of clients that the server will handle.
Consonant cluster on the other hand, is when two unidentical consonants occur adjacent to each other in tautosyllabic structure.
the Hindutva Swarajia their approach and methods seem unidentical to one another.
A collective multi-unit consists of entities that are unidentical to the multi-unit while an identical multi-unit consists of entities that are identical to the multi-unit.
Even when a character behaves by contradictions that's only because nobody can be identically the same at two unidentical moments.
"unidentical" copies precisely because each copy is numbered
Because cDNA lacks introns, the sequences of nucleotides found in cDNA are unidentical to the sequences of nucleotides found in naturally occurring genes.
Agreed, the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Bermuda Railway are unidentical in scale.
I got up from the toilet and peered into the mirror above the sink and scrutinized my unidentical face while the silver steamed over.