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A collective multi-unit consists of entities that are unidentical to the multi-unit while an identical multi-unit consists of entities that are identical to the multi-unit.
Agreed, the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Bermuda Railway are unidentical in scale.
of colon, the mismatched unidentical lungs we held in our hands to feel
They are about as unidentical as twins can be - they will be six months at the end of this month and they are physically, intellectually, spiritually, geographically, politically, ideologically and religiously as different as two small six-month-olds could be" Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker on her twins "He's one of those old Italian geezers who was brought up on bottom-pinching and hasn't quite re-adjusted to a post-feminist world" Entertainer Frank Skinner on Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi "There's far more snobbery and elitism in America than there is here.
So, the time series cannot be co-integrated due to unidentical conclusions from ADF test with intercept and with trend and intercept both.
Most of the commonly used techniques yield a repair tissue with unidentical histological and biomechanical properties as the original.
We were absolutely amazed when we went down for filming and spotted all the other twins, but we were staggered by how unidentical we are," says John.
Designers were asked to create a tableau of common elements by selecting three related but unidentical gowns.
I haven't got round to a description of Laura's outward appearance, except, negatively, by describing Marianne and saying that they were extremely unidentical twins.
Each fragment is its own unidentical twin, not just a piece in some boring jigsaw puzzle.
This vastly unidentical treatment may or may not be appropriate (the question of extended paternity leave is not at issue in the case study) but it does demonstrate this point: women in medicine are not expected to "act identically" to their male counterparts.
The Twin Spin collection includes: "Double Double Fun Fun," "Twins Are In," "Undeniably Unidentical," "Deuces Are Wild," "One Prayer," "The Twins Are Marching," "Me Me & You You," "Two Part Harmony," "Twins Rule," "Seeing Double," "Twin Spin," "Built In Best Friend," "Mix Up Song," "Wish Come Two," "Waltzing With Two," and "Sleep Softly," which Faulkner sings herself.