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He said that the unidentifiable gray wood structure at the deep end of the pool has been removed.
Yet the image is abstracted twice more: My vantage point is behind the man, making him unidentifiable.
Mr Zahawi was speaking in an Opposition-led debate on the future of the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) when an unidentifiable tune rang out for about 20 seconds.
Local sources in Ramallah said the Israeli military conducted the raids in the middle of the night and left before daylight, leaving the detained Palestinians currently unidentifiable.
It is only in an after-word that Skloot begins to explore a third story: the problem with the "simple" concept that research with unidentifiable residual human tissue should be outside the regulatory structure of human subjects research.
The illustrations are vibrant and the cartoon-like people kind, cheerful and completely unidentifiable which is probably deliberate
Galaxy clusters can consist of thousands of galaxies, but they also contain radioactive gases and ''dark matter,'' an unidentifiable theoretical entity that produces gravitational effects.
Mycoplasma falconis and unidentifiable mycoplasmas were detected in all groups.
Unidentifiable organic matter (possibly animal tissues in advanced stages of digestion, decaying plant detritus, or both) was the primary forage item in gastrointestinal contents of five of seven species (Table 1).
His attorneys claimed the singer could not be the man in the footage because a mole on the unidentifiable male's back appears and disappears throughout the clip.
If a tribe requests a set of bones that is currently categorized as culturally unidentifiable, then it must pass through two UC NAGPRA Repatriation Committees, one at Berkeley and one at the system-wide level at the University Office of the President, and be re-categorized as culturally affiliated before the set can be returned.
A further profile, from an unidentifiable female, was also found on the duvet.