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They are disguised so well and the payments are made to look completely genuine or go through a large web of unidentifiable shell companies and the movement of funds can be so rapid that the best of forensic accountants find it difficult to trace.'
Tom Wilkins, facade manager KEO, was the winner: "I thought it was a scam" he said when he was told to phone CWQ's editor Kim Kemp, to confirm it was indeed he who had won, as many emails were unidentifiable, from Yahoo and Hotmail, for obvious reasons.
A reduction of the scope of subsidies currently being provided to well-off people appears to be on the anvil with the finance minister questioning the justification of "unquantified" subsidy amounts to "unidentifiable" sections.
Among the things that makes the doodle suspicious is that the name, signature and passport number of the document are unidentifiable, while the felt markings didn't smudge.
Unidentifiable gunmen bombed early Tuesday a natural gas pipeline that led to an industrial zone south of Al-Arish, in Egypt's troubled Sinai Peninsula.
there are curry houses and kebab shops out there sticking 'unidentifiable meat' in their pittas.
The domestic help was first beaten with a stick, and then a corrosive substance was poured over the body to make it unidentifiable.
They may be unidentifiable by the South Mumbai women, but Tulsi and Parvati of my shows have changed so many thoughts in India.
If your helmet smacks into the antenna, your Kiowa could be unidentifiable.
Here the team try to join the dots between an unidentifiable corpse, a stolen grimoire, and a peculiar south London housing estate whose architect may have practised magic.
Currently part of an international task force patrolling both the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, RMCS Thrown sent a boarding team over to the suspected vessel, after noticing that they were flying an Unidentifiable flag off their stern.
In 2010/11, more than 126,000 stray dogs were collected by UK councils and half could not be returned to their owners because they were unidentifiable. Of the 450,000 dogs in Wales, it is estimated that some 58% are already microchipped.