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More than 80 of these seizures are categorised as "other", meaning they are made up of claws, skin, hides and some unidentifiable remains.
According to the Redfern Report and more recent information, it is likely that there are around 1,000 unidentifiable bodies involved from the university and the local NHS trust.
A High Court judge had refused to order the BBC to alter the image of former teacher Peter Watts, who features in tomorrow's broadcast of The Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles for around three minutes, in a form which would make his face unidentifiable.
In contrast to the purely virtual spaces of digital platforms, in which all data are uniform, identifiable, and immediately accessible, the fog contains all-embracing spaces of potential, from which something unidentifiable might emerge without warning.
The suggestion is included in a consultation document on unidentifiable organs and tissue, published by the ROC, which has been sent out to parents asking them to reply by June 10.
The humdrum life of Indiana power worker Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) is changed forever after he sights unidentifiable bright lights in the sky.
Nearby, Tw ice (White Dwarf) looked like a comet, with slats and chunks of a disintegrated dresser crashing straight into the gallery wall, while in Deep Space, a piece of unidentifiable furniture--perhaps another dresser?