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Similarly, unidentified buglers snatched six thousand rupees cash, two mobile phones, National Identity cards and ATM from one Haris in Chamkani.
Some of the radars were found completely smashed, while in some other cases lense and digital system were shattered by unidentified people by using rods.
He answered that he heard of the opening while attending a convention of the National Association of Unidentified Sources in Las Vegas a year earlier.
In Babel province, 100 km south of Baghdad, a security source said policemen on Sunday morning found an unidentified body of a woman in a neighborhood in central Hilla city.
The Washington State Patrol has submitted numerous supplemental dental image packages to the NDIR in conjunction with their NCIC records relative to missing, unidentified, and wanted persons.
The intruder, an unidentified man from Green Bay, Wisconsin, fled from the armed woman into the living room, where the woman's brother and son were located.
Our plan is to get ahead of the curve and not wait for the next missing blonde to not show up,'' said an unidentified MSNBC executive.
So far, chemical analyses of air samples haven't turned up any candidates for the unidentified gases.
Medical staff at two universities on Friday completed their autopsies of two bodies recently found near an unidentified vessel that sank in the East China Sea last year after a shoot-out with Japanese patrol boats, the Japan Coast Guard said.
The IRS does not use specific items to support an inference of unreported income from unidentified sources.
The researchers, who work at the Shanghai Second Medical University and a Shanghai research center on genetic engineering, used somatic cells taken from a patient of an unidentified disease, and egg cells of unidentified species.
The Post quoted unidentified law-enforcement sources as saying that Albert, who had been accused of forcing a woman to perform oral sex and biting her, had a 15-year relationship with a "raven-haired" male transvestite.