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From the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the unification of North and South Korea is getting closer.
However, some analysts termed the unification as a merger of the Maoist-Centre in the UML as no agenda of the CPNMaoist was adopted during the unification process.
I believe that BESA will join the new coalition, and the Opposition Council stopped its activities because it failed to obstruct the unification of Albanian non-parliamentary parties, and there is no use of continuing forward", stressed Demiri.
I want the unification fight in front of my home people.
The official reminded that in May, Zhytomyr regional council had adopted a draft strategic plan of unification of territories belonging to the communities in the region, which had been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
North and South Korea should meet face to face to draw up a plan for a peaceful unification," Mr Ryoo told a news conference.
On the unification fight he added: "That's where my future is, in a big unification fight next year.
The meeting involving senior officials from the South's Defence Ministry, Unification Ministry and Presidential Office will take place at the border truce village of Panmunjom, unification ministry spokesman Kim Eui-Do told reporters.
Another survey showed that only 25 percent of South Koreans firmly support unification, while 65 percent are supportive only if they can somehow avoid the huge costs and the social upheaval.
Regarding his comments, an official at the Unification Ministry told Xinhua that the minister intended to reiterate his willingness that South Korea was open to a dialogue with Pyongyang.
Ryoo's classroom appearance is part of a "unification education" program launched by the Unification Ministry to raise awareness of the importance of achieving national unification ahead of the 60th anniversary in July of the signing an armistice agreement that ended the 1950-1953 Korean War.
During the press conference, Ahmed and Sinjari shed light on the details of the unification.