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Il a indique que le MLSDG a presente une initiative visant a unifier ces mouvements en vue de parvenir a la paix et a la securite au Darfour et a soutenir et appuyer l'initiative du President de la Republique sur le dialogue national.
Boris III the Unifier, Tsar of the Bulgarians (30 January 1894 a 28 August 1943), was the son of Tsar Ferdinand I.
He concludes, however, that World War I was more of a national unifier than private profit.
Rebbah a souligne que son departement veille a la bonne conduite de ce secteur, appelant les professionnels a unifier leurs efforts a travers la creation d'une instance nationale qui regroupe tous les organisations representatives des professionnels en vue de consolider leur position et faciliter la communication et le dialogue avec l'administration, indique un communique du ministere de l'Equipement et des transports.
He is seen as a key figure in the shaping of western Christianity and a unifier of Europe, while some legends credit him with inventing the Christmas tree.
He does not have the role of a unifier of the different communities in Macedonia as one father of the nation should have, comments Kramarska.
They just don't getthe fact that Turkey can be a great unifier.
Sports is a great unifier as it brings people together across cultures and distances.
It was a great unifier which set people talking, something which is so often the mark of great telly.
In their recommendations, participants called to carry on efforts to help the Technical Centre of Mechanical and Electrical Industries (CETIME) position itself as a unifier in setting up an IIS system for education, training, qualification and certification, and to be shortly empowered as a national authority for the training and certification of specialists in soldering.
Next, there'll be reports that Christopher Lee is doing a symphonic metal album about the life of Charlemagne, the eighth century unifier of Europe.
Zernovski believes Crvenkovski is a fake unifier, urging discord in the opposition ranks and using media to spread confusion, alleging that LDP is coming closer to VMRO-DPMNE.