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Shockingly, the BJP government of Gujarat has been purchasing power from private companies at unimaginably high rates of Rs 24.
We have specially trained officers and staff offering them support at this unimaginably difficult time.
In unimaginably appalling conditions, Captain Chavasse saved the lives of many of his men, losing his own as a consequence in 1917.
Petition creator Chris Collier wrote: "My thoughts are with the Lowery family at this unimaginably difficult time.
Members of our family of fans and our home community have been affected and we will be reaching out to provide the support of the club in what must be an unimaginably difficult time.
Cecilia and I extend our heartfelt sympathies to the Deem family during this unimaginably difficult time, said Governor Abbott.
Following the ensuing trial, the relationship between the trio becomes unimaginably toxic, with life-changing consequences.
The buzz created by the write-up unimaginably escalated, earning the ire of the two actors.
Dismemberment abortion is unimaginably cruel and has no place in Mississippi," Whitehead said.
I hope it will help those families who are going through unimaginably difficult times, at a time of year that must be particularly difficult for them.
Simon Cowell says: "I have worked with these inspirational charities for many years and I'm delighted that The X Factor winner's single sales will help families who are going through such unimaginably difficult times.
Even in death, the birds shot and left to decay in heaps, are being used to lure wildlife to an unimaginably brutal end.