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The Portland ewe, unimaginatively named '3462' after her tag number, shot to prominence after starring in MyFarm's 'RamCam' video.
Three group winners from Asia will be handed a place in the showpiece and the unimaginatively nicknamed Olyroos need to put a disappointing goalless draw against the UAE behind them when they take on Iraq this afternoon, knowing they already have two points to make up on Uzbekistan.
Sean Long, universally if unimaginatively known as Longy, was a player of real and distinctive gifts.
Tigers named after Krishna Poonia, Limba Ram or Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore will obviously have a much greater emotive appeal than one unimaginatively labeled T- 17, which makes the animal sound like an inanimate object stored in a warehouse.
It's spoken by one of the corporate leaders, hungry for the mineral unimaginatively called "unobtanium.
The unimaginatively titled The Descent: Part 2 is everything the original move wasn't.
Unimaginatively (but perhaps logically) dishes with multiple variations are given numbers: Aquacotta Soup 1 2.
Jackman's drover - called Drover, somewhat unimaginatively - does his best to keep his lover safe from the murderous fiends, but would rather be off riding with his cattle as we are regularly reminded.
No one lives in the house now-- built from the mealy bones of the bank, another box of dust, a mausoleum of linoleum and drywall, unimaginatively ecru and stupid in its inability to open up.
His first task was to begin planning the next drive, the somewhat unimaginatively named Campaign Oregon.
Its main operation against Becker, unimaginatively entitled 'OV Iugner', began in 1976 after he had been one of the first signatories of the petition against the expulsion of Biermann.
THIS is the time of year when primary-school pupils used to be set the task of writing an essay entitled, somewhat unimaginatively, 'What I did on my holidays.