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Subsequently, the thirty-year war between the forces of chauvinism (Ethiopia) and the forces of secession (Eritrea) has exposed the unimaginativeness of nationalism.
She remembers her husband's saying that Rosa's husband Jim blamed Rosa for her coldness and unimaginativeness in bed, but Rosa claimed vice versa that she has a passion by relying on herself for erotic pleasure.
He writes to Adare in 1831 that a recent visit from the Astronomer Royal, George Biddell Airy, caused him to experience "as much dislike to Science as it was possible in my nature to entertain," it having arisen, he writes, "from no dislike to him, but only from the repulsion of my character to his, produced by his utter unimaginativeness" (Graves 1:459).
I am appalled at much of organization theory for its technocratic unimaginativeness. Our generalizations often display a mind-numbing banality and an inexplicable readiness to reduce the field to a set of unexamined, turgid, hypothetical thrusts designed to render organizations systematic and organization theory safe for science.
Moreover, the redundancy of this plot throughout all Readers quickly causes uninterest, unimaginativeness, and ineffectiveness among students and instructors; worse, unvarying stories frequently results in like teaching, with ultimate development of critical thinking skills stalled.