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The interdisciplinary nature of Unimagined Communities means that scholars of epidemiology, the social sciences and public health can gain from Thornton's work.
The greatest tragedy that can befall us is to go unimagined.
IN UNIMAGINED COMMUNITIES, anthropologist Robert Thornton seeks to explain the sharply divergent trajectories of HIV infection in two African countries: Uganda, where new HIV infections plummeted in the late 1980s and 1990s, and South Africa, where they skyrocketed during the same period.
The batsman has the chance to win previously unimagined riches when England take on the Stanford Superstars in Antigua on November 1.
I welcome the PAS 2050 accounting standards for carbon emissions, although I can't help but fear that, as with fiscal accounting, a new and previously unimagined set of deceitful practices will emerge as a result.
All this within you where you least expect it, not so much in the head as under the arms, glistening with sweat, stinking with the knowledge of the body, the writer neither practitioner nor artisan but miner, digging within himself for riches unimagined, for salt.
Consorzio's Marinades, a fantastic brand from Annie's Naturals, will infuse previously unimagined flavors into any food you can think to throw onto a barbecue pit.
She told him: "You reduced three families to unimagined grief.
The world outside our windows has been transformed by a technology revolution: The Internet, cell phones and other communication vehicles have linked people in ways almost unimagined 20 years ago.
Today's powerful computers have opened previously unimagined possibilities regarding the presentation and analysis of scientific data.
In her case the setting for the drama was Jamaica, where planters and merchants acquired unimagined riches in a society buttressed by slavery.
While cooking in the prison kitchen, he read about a new generation of black chefs and discovered a realm of unimagined possibilities.