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With most of tomorrow's jobs unimagined and the MENA region needing 30,000 more designers by 2019, now is the time to think big when it comes to career choices.
This novel captures the magic of the perfect song that we hear at the perfect time, and it imparts a sense of the known even as it opens windows to worlds unimagined.
Old Big 'Ead took Nottingham Forest to previously unimagined heights when they won the European Cup twice in a row in 1979 and 1980.
Drawing on the work of philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, and historians, Mazierska, in a case-study approach, examines cinema in conjunction with histories and theories of work in her effort to understand and assess a paradox: why, now in a time when productive capacity has made it possible for most people to move from the realm of necessity to affluence, education, and unimagined life choices, these ideals are instead receding, poverty and unemployment are growing, and workers are working more for less.
The slightly scary creation toolkit may appear like a step too far for newbies, but for those with a penchant for rowing their own boat and bringing this game to life in as yet unimagined ways, Sackboy and co deliver once again.
Elizabeth Bannet, Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan, Bertie Wooster, Hercule Poirot, James Bond and Asterix the Gaul: All have had a fictional afterlife unimagined by their creators.
Every sleep in this mattress is a trip to a world of unimagined serenity.
Today, extremist groups are succeeding in infiltrating previously unimagined areas with a frequency that spells heightened alarm for the world.
Recommended treatments for a variety of problems are introduced with good intentions after evaluation, and sometimes, after unimagined complications or complications of unimagined extent, later withdrawn.
"They all said the role of the CFO has been expanded in ways previously unimagined."
You can tap the camera three times to remember something that just happened, or you can just let the thing record all day long, allowing you to review your day in ways heretofore yet unimagined.
Our constitutional balance of powers is circumvented by activist judiciaries instilling cultural aberrations as the substance of rights, heretofore undiscovered in the Constitution itself and unimagined by the framers of the Constitution.