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Today, extremist groups are succeeding in infiltrating previously unimagined areas with a frequency that spells heightened alarm for the world.
They all said the role of the CFO has been expanded in ways previously unimagined.
Recommended treatments for a variety of problems are introduced with good intentions after evaluation, and sometimes, after unimagined complications or complications of unimagined extent, later withdrawn.
You can tap the camera three times to remember something that just happened, or you can just let the thing record all day long, allowing you to review your day in ways heretofore yet unimagined.
Our constitutional balance of powers is circumvented by activist judiciaries instilling cultural aberrations as the substance of rights, heretofore undiscovered in the Constitution itself and unimagined by the framers of the Constitution.
Our country has woven together previously unimagined possibilities and strengths, but the whole cloth can be damaged by tearing out certain threads because new patterns are seen as threatening.
Unimagined fun twists and turns became a sort of family dance of love.
Richard Hinds of the DAILY TELEGRAPH has endured enough British gloating and is now getting his own back: Having left The Oval with the strains of "Stand Up If You're Three Nil Up" ringing in the ears, it is impossible for anyone who has spread Vegemite not to revel in this unimagined feat.
Tension is well maintained, as some questions are answered, only to be replaced by new and unimagined demands.
Tongue-eating crustaceans, anglerfish and humans at least descend from a common ancestor at the same origin of life, but Toomey chronicles the search for life from some entirely separate event, perhaps with unimagined chemistry.
Readers will understand how to redefine their strategies and organizations to harness previously unimagined opportunities, build brand loyalty and engage their workforce.
More than 20 artworks, projections and performances set Durham ablaze, picking out and transforming the landmarks, streets, river and bridges of the city in new and unimagined ways.