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The latter are, indeed, rather open and engaging, then graceful, There is an ease about him, but it is an unstudied, unimitated ease.
Similarly, her emphasis on Hermsprong's lack of affectation, on his "unstudied, unimitated ease," ascribes his attractiveness to a certain typological originality which, having no precedent in other forms of masculinity or "manners," again puts him in the position of exemplifying a precipient modernism, a newness of character and identity.
"It is itself, alone, unimitated, with precipitous cliffs carved and sculptured by erosions of time; ...
A truly revolutionary step after the original AR dome tweeters was the sensational, unpatented, strangely unimitated Allison tweeter, which delivers as much sound sideways as it does forward.
(10) This gives rise to North-South trade, with the South exporting imitated products in exchange for unimitated products from the North.
Any product, imitated or unimitated, is produced with one unit of labor in each region.
The marginal cost of an unimitated product is the Northern wage rate [w.sup.N].
In so doing, Northern demands for imitated and unimitated products are given by
where [eta] (=[n.sup.N]/n) denotes the fraction of unimitated goods, which are produced in the North.
As implied by demand Equations 14-17, the North exports unimitated products and the South exports imitated products.
and the fraction of unimitated products [zeta](t) evolves over time according to
Yet there is no evidence of sympathetic wage increases in the five-dollar day's immediate (and even medium-term) aftermath, suggesting that even in the medium term (into the years of the First World War), the Ford production process went substantially unimitated.(16)