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BMW know a thing or two about predicting the future and their track-record for reading the market is unimpeachable.
After Dukas' unimpeachable Sorcerer's Apprentice , shorn of magic here and more like self-conscious very early Stravinsky (some scintillating bassoon and harp contributions), came two of the most tedious examples of French violin repertoire: the over-heated limpness of Chausson's Poeme and the vapid Havanaise by Saint-Saens.
In the unimpeachable supporting cast, watch particularly for ``English Patient'' Oscar nominee Kristin Scott Thomas and - in a bit part as a preacher - English comic genius Rowan Atkinson.
Listen to the unimpeachable testimony of the man who's spent his entire motoring career making a virtue of buying cheap used cars.
But this was mostly a merely efficient reading, technically unimpeachable but short on poetry; what fantasy there was was of a fraught variety, nothing child-like.
The longstanding myth that alternative fuel vehicles - powered by electricity, natural gas, methanol and other sources - are light-years cleaner than conventionally fueled vehicles, has been repeatedly shattered by such unimpeachable experts as the California Air Resources Board, which has acknowledged that its $17 billion electric car mandate, requiring a 10 percent penetration of electric vehicles, will only reduce smog-causing pollutants by about 1 percent.
An unimpeachable source at Ibrox confirmed the Sunderland bid - but will it succeed?
He said the success of RSPs depended on willingness of the rural poor to get organized, presence of an honest and sincere activist amongst them to lead the organization and thirdly a Support Organization of dedicated, honest and competent professionals, guided by honorary Boards of Directors with unimpeachable integrity for Social Guidance of the communities, endowed with resources from government or donors.