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The resolution demands an immediate cessation of hostilities for "a durable humanitarian pause for at least 30 consecutive days throughout Syria" to enable the safe, unimpeded and sustained delivery of humanitarian aid and services and medical evacuations of the critically sick and wounded.
Without proper and unimpeded monitoring by the Mission, there cannot be a credible and verified improvement of the security situation, which is the basis for further progress on the political track of the peace process.
The president told the prime minister the United States was prepared to contribute immediate assistance to support a prompt, full, credible, and unimpeded international investigation," the White House said.
Arab League envoy, which includes a daily two-hour humanitarian pause and unimpeded access.
I can't see any reason why we can't establish an unimpeded trade mechanism with Iran similar to the one with Europe," Erdogan said, addressing a Turkish-Iranian business forum in Istanbul on Thursday.
Newsweek says BBC Persian has broadcast unimpeded into Iran for the month since.
Having said that, both those statements would have been exactly the opposite had Johnny Murtagh not got in a right old pickle in the Ebor Keeping it simple While Murtagh, Hayley Turner and quite a few others were getting hampered about 20 times, Gary Carroll, who had never even ridden at York before, endured an unimpeded run in the Ebor and won on a horse who was probably the fifth or sixth best in the race I want Goldikova gender-tested There's no way a filly can be that good
In the Long Island Natural Pages, Stephanie Marohn writes, "Wild law recognizes the rights of rivers to flow unimpeded, the rights of mountains to remain intact instead of having their tops blown off for coal mining, the rights of old growth forests to remain unlogged, and the rights of all humans, animals, birds, insects amphibians and other beings to a habitat that supports their existence.
If anything, the passage in Everson reflects what is best about America: Every citizen's right to worship or not as he or she sees fit and a mandate that religious groups must stand on their own, unaided and unimpeded by the government.
4 kelvin, the boron-laden silicon permitted electrons to flow unimpeded, the scientists report in the Nov.
Alison Chase seems artistically unimpeded by her forced departure from Pilobolus at the end of last year.
Paulson takes exception to the popular notion that China's rapid economic ascent will continue unimpeded.