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Despite the relative unimportance of this news, it's clear how the move from one biometric system to another will have its own limitations, which could forces companies to re-evaluate policies that were put in place with the advent of the fingerprint scanner.
Prosecutors did not pursue the interrogation and the process of establishing further evidence to implicate the suspects - the case was dropped due to the unimportance of the crime and they have been deported," said the source.
The argument depends upon the strength of the analogy--and this strength depends upon the importance of the resemblances and the unimportance of the differences between the terms that constitute the analogy.
In his press conference, Ander Herrera struck the right note, the note we expected, underlining p g unimp succes som the unimportance of sporting success but hoping that, in some small way, it helped in the unfathomable recovery process of a city stricken by grief.
Lead researcher Janice McCabe, associate professor of sociology at Dartmouth College said that the lack of female characters 'contributes to a sense of unimportance among girls and a sense of privilege among boys.'
It is logically inconceivable that an intelligent leader would cast his strategic advantages to the wind, at a critical time when he needs optimal bargaining position, by staging a monstrous attack before the eyes of the world on a target of strategic unimportance.
With its forces already ensconced in Badme, and in spite of the actual unimportance of the village and surrounding land, the Ethiopian government knew its public would react badly to a withdrawal from territory won at the cost of thousands of Ethiopian lives.
Liverpool should feel shortchanged 3 THE Liverpool boss has always maintained the unimportance of pre-season.
Whether discussing mainstream news agencies' framing of "looting" or the relative unimportance of visual markers of sex difference for the unsighted, Brekhus explains how people often define their identities by differentiating themselves from socially marked others (113), showing how identity work is laden with power relationships.
Nado presents readers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly articles focused on the relative importance or unimportance of gender in the building of research relationships over an academic career.
The topics covered include the unimportance of belief, the "deep structure" of religion, rebuttals of orthodoxy, cosmologies and theories of enlightenment, types of spiritual teachers and groups, the mechanics of alternative healing and dreams as they relate to spiritual progress, and more.