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Meanwhile, the opposition parties have refused to take the chairmanship of relatively unimportant standing committees and have demanded interior, foreign affairs, and finance from the treasury benches.
Muhammad Nizam also disagreed with the lawyer's suggestion that the abusive words hurled against him were unimportant.
And again, places only become important when there are important dignitaries from Thimphu visiting these unimportant places.
Who wins is essentially unimportant, who loses is essentially unimportant, but a game of football - the game of football - matters tonight.
When I shade this in, the table suggests that the mixture of a feature that is tolerated when present and is neutral when it is not is an unimportant feature.
Who of any quality and integrity is going to take a job where they have no control over the signing of players and where the owner thinks finishing mid-table is success and that winning domestic cups is unimportant? The only things 'big' about Newcastle United are the support and the heart of the supporters.
According to The Good Techie, Sanebox separates important and unimportant emails according to user's behavior and automatically filters out unimportant email into a folder and summarizes it in a daily digest.
Despite the thick fog, Dauti reminds that most movement was this year noticed in the opposition which said bye to its past, good or bad, unimportant, but of course important for the future.
When the mind is at rest, the electrical signals by which brain cells communicate appear to travel in reverse, wiping out unimportant information in the process, but sensitizing the cells for future sensory learning, according to a study of rats conducted by researchers at the National Institutes of Health.
Also earlier this week, Ayatollah Khamenei dismissed the results of the Iran-powers talks in Almaty as unimportant, saying the stances and positions adopted by the world powers during the recent talks contained only minor and unimportant changes.
But while delighted to have seen the Scotsman's tally of eight goals - "not one unimportant", he said - surpass the season's total so far by Carlos Tevez, whose Manchester City side the Black Cats face today, O'Neill has warned his other players they must begin to help Fletcher (pictured left) out on a more regular basis.
Future wars are unlikely to be just missile attacks, so saying aland and type of terrain are unimportant in the missile agea is false.