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Who wins is essentially unimportant, who loses is essentially unimportant, but a game of football - the game of football - matters tonight.
When I shade this in, the table suggests that the mixture of a feature that is tolerated when present and is neutral when it is not is an unimportant feature.
Why does money become so unimportant when it is given to the poor, but is an absolute necessity when it given to the wealthy?
As she calls herself a Christian who goes to Mass, I'm shocked she regards Christ's principles as unimportant.
Frogs may seem unimportant by comparison with cows, of course, but I thought you might enjoy this poem in praise of them.
The president of the National European Integration Council, Radmila Sekerinska, said Monday it is not unimportant if Macedonia is set a date for starting accession talks on 7 December.
Summary: <p>Caretaker Tourism Minister Elie Marouni said on Sunday that a decision to sack him from his parliamentary bloc was unimportant.
Summary: The US dollar faces substantial event risk, but this week is a bit different from others as the release of economic indicators may prove to be rather unimportant.
Meanwhile, Kirkby is destined to remain an unimportant, dowdy overspill town for Liverpool with no prospect of ever burgeoning on its own.
Abu Dhabi: The media is ignoring too many important stories and everyone is rushing to do the unimportant stuff, said an expert on Friday on the second day of the Indo-Arab fest.
You should check with your doctor as to the cause)It may be something quite simple and unimportant, or it could be a warning about serious atherosclerosis or other changes.
And, perhaps more importantly, are looks unimportant to you?