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In Muscat's Al Khuwair district, the construction of what will undoubtedly be a pretty but fairly unimposing mosque is fast approaching completion.
In the 1960s, the writer George Plimpton was a pioneer of what's since become known as "Participatory Journalism." Rather than covering the games from the press box, the unimposing but courageous Plimpton suited up for the Detroit Lions and traded punches with boxing champion Archie Moore.
"I was quite a big, imposing middleweight and I'm now quite a small unimposing heavyweight.
The final touch of sauce should be simple and unimposing: a dash of mustard, mayo and ketchup.
Butterfield -- who has grown into his big blue eyes, if not the rest of his body, since "Hugo'' -- makes ideal casting for Ender: He's scrawny and physically unimposing, yet there's an intensity to his stare that suggests he might indeed be masking deeper (or darker) gifts.
Though his .260 average was unimposing, Hubbs set a major league record for second basemen with 418 consecutive errorless chances in a span of 78 games--eventually broken by another Cubs second baseman, Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg.
The main benefit of the unimposing car is the dramatically reduced fuel bill.
He said the reason for this unimposing performance has been weak industrial linkages, trust deficit of industry on public sector organizations, development of non-demand driven products, lack of entrepreneurship development facilities / expertise and so on.
His unimposing list includes encouraging pension funds to purchase foreign equities, supporting the addition of independent directors to corporate boards, and instituting a few corporate tax breaks.
Nestled among the tall green trees in the foothills of the Cascades there is a simple grey building with an unimposing front door that opens up to a senses fiesta.
In spite of the scale of the building, a single-storey structure comprising five sections in polished aluminium and glass, externally it is unimposing. Internally, by contrast, the scale is overwhelming (though probably less so on a very busy day).
Most were impressed by the speaker's big sound despite its unimposing frame, and its ability to easily pair with anyone's iPhone in the room.