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Im very unimpressed with police with regard to shootings.
SIR: While I was not unimpressed by the results of the latest round of the ar+d contest, I could not help but be a bit disappointed.
Some organic farming advocates and environmentalists remain unimpressed, and suspect that behind the technological optimism and sales pitches of precision agriculture there's nothing more than corporate control and surveillance.
The regulators seemed unimpressed by years of Phillips' statistics showing that refund requests never topped one percent.
By the middle of the eighteenth century, one unimpressed critic had sought to name a fashionable earthen palette "rembrunie," as a somber tonality overcame the fresh hues that had suited the carelessly libertine sensibilities prevailing in Watteau's time.
The Japanese government is unimpressed by these linguistic imports, and others used by bureaucrats, such as "negoshieishon" (negotiation) and "riterashii" (literacy).
A spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, successor to Anslinger's bureau, was unimpressed by the distinction between correlation and causation.
Or, for that matter, unimpressed with how less material can result in greater quiet.
director Wilma Mathews was browsing an online horoscope for Capricoms a while ago and was unimpressed by this summary line: "It might also be a good idea to get an objectionable third party's view of the situation.
He is unimpressed, however, by the quetzal-bird echo described by Lubman.
Platt was clearly unimpressed with the firm's fourth quarter results, which he grudgingly referred to (CI No 3,540) as only "reasonably good.