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"I was unimpressed with public partners that let the city down.
Michelle Obama's face says it all - she is clearly unimpressed when Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt greets Barack Obama too cheerily and later they join David Cameron in a selfie
Jon Greenberg of New Hampshire Public Radio reports that Perry appeared to have reined in his recent rhetoric, but his toned-down message left some Republicans unimpressed.
Unimpressed But referee Chris Foy was unmoved by Albion's appeals - leaving the manager incredulous.
LSJ is unimpressed by the Labour plotters:"This is political suicide and their timing is way off.The damage is done.
Which word meaning unimpressed or boring has been chosen as the public's entry to the Collins English Dictionary?
ONE of the more amusing moments this week was seeing the New York developer Donald Trump arrive in the Hebrides - his mother's birthplace - to soft-soap unimpressed locals as he tries to persuade Aberdeen planners they need his new golf course.
The court, however, was unimpressed. Since there was no evidence that could have led someone to reasonably believe that its faxes were wanted, the court rejected the insured's argument that its belief of consent was a mistake.
His mother has married a spacey artist named Clay; Josh is unimpressed by Clay's looks (He's got chipmunk cheeks and this weird cowlick that looks like a rhino's horn") and even less by his humor.
Richard McBrien was unimpressed with the millions of youth (plenty of women among them) who came to Rome for Pope John Paul's funeral.
The British gent, being a refined breed, is unimpressed by those blonde flowing locks and sultry looks.
Respondents to the survey, conducted by Grant Thornton Corporate Finance, showed mixed confidence in all other industries, but all but 3 per cent of them were unimpressed by the retail sector.