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Newell's appointment will very probably end in tears based on his brief, unimpressive track record.
Yoira Esquivel-Brito and Yarbrough's fluid ping-pong relationship--with a gallant, though technically unimpressive, Nathaniel Stokes--and the musicality with which they enlivened this fleet and feathery concoction, may indicate that Oakland Ballet can do what they have never done: truly explore Balanchine.
In fact, all I had to show for my work was a phobia of piano practice, a few unimpressive canvases, and a weak foul shot.
Similarly, Whitehead's claim that God can "influence the world without determining it" by valuing potentialities and "reflecting back to the world a specific and relevant goal," remains unimpressive in the absence of a credible account of precisely how this is possible.
I moved on too, not after them but away from the Stonewall--which is not an unfriendly place, just an unimpressive one--and to a performance of the new off-Broadway hit The Laramie Project.
Her Monochrome till receipt (white) is, as one would expect given the Minimalist exactitude of her titles, precisely that: a visually unimpressive itemized receipt stuck on a white wall.
HINCKLEY United boss Dean Thomas has released midfielder Mark Harbottle after what he feels were some unimpressive performances.
However, he calls the reported risk reduction unimpressive.
Unimpressive in the first hal Birmingham Solihull hit a purple patch five minutes into the second period and Hinckley were duly torn apart by some devastating 15-man rugby.
In his appearance before the committee, Babbitt offered an unimpressive defense.
However, the courts found those arguments unimpressive.
Previously, LCD displays in dive computers were difficult to read due to their limited viewing angle and unimpressive brightness.